Annegret Schulze
Online Business Strategist
Business Coach

Passionate entrepreneur helping people start a digital business. Let's Join Forces and Conquer The World!
“Only through focus can you achieve world class things no matter how capable you are” 
(Bill Gates)
Hey there, 
You are probably reading this because you want a change in your life. I hear you and I want to meet you right where you are. My passion is serving people just like you.

I had exact the same questions you’re asking when I was looking for a way to set myself free from the 9 to 5 grind. - How should I start? - What do I need to succeed? - Who could help me?
I know now first-hand all the skills and tools you need to start and to develop your own digital business.

My name is Annegret Schulze and I built my online business because of the sweetest reasons I can think of, my two little grandchildren.

I am originally from Germany and I suffered every day from being too far away from my family. With the birth of our first grandson, my pain was getting bigger and I was searching for a way to see him more often than my office job would allow me. 

Yes, I was in the same boat where you are right now, wanting to have time and sufficient funds for the things that really matter.

So, I started my journey and I enjoy every moment of using all the tools and resources, helping others and teaching all the skills I learned. (No wonder, I had been a teacher in Germany )
I love nature and photography and I am happy that I can leverage my hobbies and I can use my passion to build my business. Besides visiting my family, there are many other places I want to go such as Alaska, Yukon, Iceland and Norway.

I love reading. My favorite book is “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. I have read this 3 times now and I can say it changed my life.

If you give me the chance to show you the “What” and the “How” and the exact steps to build a digital business, I will accompany you on your way to success. Imagine how it would feel to live the life you want.

“Don’t be afraid of moving forward. The future is bright.” 

Talk Soon,
Annegret Schulze

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